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Mindfulness & Self Care Made Easy

When I first started l learning meditation and engaging myself in self care: It felt weird, and I felt guilty. I was taking time for something I was told was good for me, but since I had frame of reference for it, it seemed silly. And It felt awkward. I wasn’t raised...

How I Increased Strength And Stamina In 30 Days!

I asked for it. I really did. I wrote down my goals for health and wellbeing and guess what, I got what I asked for! I wrote, “I am strong, toned and fit” as if it were already true. There are many benefits in having stamina and being strong. And there are many...

Exercise For Focus & Clarity

Exercise is more than just getting fit. You’ve heard all the reasons to exercise; get fit, obtain and maintain a healthy weight, sleep better, have more energy and boost your mood. But did you know exercise is a potent stimulator of emotions, focus and concentration,...

Appreciation Of Beauty & Excellence

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, noticing the beauty in everyday life, falls under the virtue category of transcendence. Transcendence means going the extra mile, going above and beyond what is expected. Within the context of appreciation of beauty and...

Are You Creative?

Creativity falls under the virtue of wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight, especially in a mature or utilitarian manner. (wiki) I also like to think of wisdom as the ability to see the...

Emotionality Of Food

Did you know food has emotions? And you thought it was just you! Silly human! Have you ever craved a certain food and then noticed a distinct shift in your mood? Well, that is your body talking to you and your food supporting your body’s needs. Food comes in colors:...

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