Grow Confidently Into Your Full Potential

I help women connect to and deepen the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of their wellbeing so they can grow into their full potential, confidently.

 Core Values Of Coaching:

A Holistic Approach


You’re an amazing Whole Being, needing a little guidance to get where you want to be…I use-

  • Mind-Body Medicine
  • PURE BioEnergy Therapy
  • Positive psychology
  • Food & movement
  • Values
  • Character Strengths…to help you get where you want to be.

About Coaching

I partner with you — learn your story so we really understand you and your needs


I guide you —  through the obstacles


I teach you. — tools you need to succeed in all areas of life


so you can live a life full of energy, passion, and JOY…



Innovative Coaching

As lifelong learners and students of life, we are deeply committed to continuously upgrading our wisdom and knowledge, seeking innovative, novel ideas to support and guide you as you transform your life.

Why Choose Me?

I coach so you can grow confidently into your full potential…deepen & connect to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your wellbeing.


I teach you life skills to access your inner wisdom, your intuition, so you always know what’s right for you.

The Philosophy That Drives Coaching Insight

“You are Spirit, having a human experience and there is NOTHING wrong with you!

You are the expert in your life.

Your potential is limited only by your beliefs.

Life is here to help you: know your strengths, find your courage and connect with others.

Your heart is your compass.

Every client is an instrumental partner in returning their mind and body toward well-being (or keeping it healthy). Because thoughts create, your life and your potential is limited only by your beliefs. With guidance and support you can create miracles!

“Bronwyn Has Changed My Life For The Better…”

I’ve had anxiety most of my life. It was helpful to know others suffer from the same issues that I have. The small group format was helpful for me, participating was easy. Everyone was so accepting. I found trying new ways to treat my anxiety helpful, even exciting. I now use shaking and dancing meditation regularly. I also found journaling really helps my monkey mind. Using meditation and the questions Bronwyn provided, has helped me see “why” I react the way I do. It has really help me change my behavior.

“The Coach I Never Knew I Needed…”

Working with Bronwyn has transformed my life! She is the coach I never knew I needed. Her calm demeanor, wisdom and insight supported me in my time of extreme anxiety. She guided me to find time in my day yet I still completed all my projects, on time and with more creativity! I now use meditation daily, have a healthier diet, find time to exercise and love my work.