Creativity falls under the virtue of wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight, especially in a mature or utilitarian manner. (wiki) I also like to think of wisdom as the ability to see the good or benefit of any situation.

Creativity is using ones ingenuity to come up with novel ways of doing things, finding new uses for old things, seeing possibility in all things. We tend to think of creativity as being artistic but its much more than that. Creative people use their imagination to solve problems in new and even surprising ways. Think of it as discovery and imagination. When this strength is overused it may look like weirdness or being odd while under using this strength looks more like conformity and unimaginative.

How can you use creativity in your every day life?

1. Consider something you do every day that is boring, like brushing your teeth. Can you brush your teeth upside down? That may result in getting toothpaste up your nose, but maybe you can use your non dominant hand, imagine each tooth as you clean it, pretend your tooth brush is a sweeper or an eraser.

2. Pick something at home or work that annoys you. Imagine you are the object. What is your perspective? Maybe look at it sideways or upside down. Its amazing how different things look when you approach them from another angle.

3. Brainstorm a problem. Write down everything that comes to mind for 20 minutes. Don’t judge any idea until its time to review them and see what you came up with. Have others join you in this. You may be able to merge ideas to have a really unique solution.

4. Daydream. Yes, waste time doing nothing for an hour.

5. What interests you? Take a class like pottery, photography, painting, design, or writing.

6. Read about creative people. What can you learn from them? What makes them unique? Can you tap into your own unique qualities and channel them for creative purposes?

7. What’s for dinner? Open the fridge and pantry and see what you can create from all that food that doesn’t seem to go together!

Enjoy this! And remember there are 24 character strengths. These strengths are found across all cultures, all races, all peoples of the world. We all have every one of the 24 strengths, but how we use them, how those strengths make up who we are, differs for each of us.

Post your comments and experiences.