Bronwyn Radcliffe,FNP, FMCHWC

Throughout my life I’ve been a doer; completing one task after another on a daily basis, life goal after life goal, to prove my abilities and worth to others.

It hasn’t worked. It doesn’t work.

While accomplishments feel good in the short term, after a few days, I am, more often than not, left with an emptiness.  A longing.  A need to feel worthy.  A need to know my efforts matter.  Did anyone even notice what I just did?  Does anyone care?

I am left with discontent because the achievement is well, an achievement and once completed, its done!  Not spending any time relishing the accomplishment, I find myself asking “Is this all there is, Now what?”.  Why am I not happy?  Why am I so restless?

In my seemingly endless search for meaning in my life, my struggle with discontent and my need to feel worthy, I found Mind-Body Medicine (MBM).

It has profoundly changed my life.

Using the techniques I learned in MBM, I’ve found comfort sitting with my experiences, good or bad, feeling and embracing the sensations and emotions, then letting them go.  This has created a sense of contentment in my life, leaving room for joy, presence.

I’ve learned that feeling unworthy, inadequate, not good enough, is normal–we all have these feelings–but letting them run my life is optional.

I’ve learned that feelings of longing and discontent signal a need to grow.  It’s time to stretch myself and be uncomfortable while I take the next step toward my purpose.

In my growing, I found coaching.  Potential over pathology.  Coaching gave me POWER because in the coaching, I learned I have choices.  I can change my mind, my beliefs, my thoughts, my goals & dreams.  I can change my environment, who I spend time with, what I eat, how I live my life… And every change I make, changes me, changes how I respond to my environment and how my environment, and the people in it respond to me… I stopped being who I thought I should be and BECAME WHO I KNEW I COULD BE!

Now that is COOL!

And, I now get to live my life, full of purpose and meaning, doing what I love, coaching and teaching MBM,  so I can help you do the same. 

Take away from years of struggle to be needed, to feel good enough…

  • The meaning is in the experience, not the accomplishment.
  • The power to change lies within you.
  • All the answers are in your heart.
  • Life is here for you, full of lessons to be learned, so you can transform.


Mother of Four …The School of Life                                                                                     
Bachelor of Science in Nursing …Virginia Commonwealth University                                                    
Masters of Science in Nursing …Virginia Commonwealth University                                                      
Instructor for The Center of Mind-Body Medicine          
Certified Health & Wellness Coach …Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

Diplomat …American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

Speaker …New Mexico Nurse Practitioner Council Annual Conference …2017, 2018

Speaker …American Holistic Nurses Association Annual conference …2018