Food as Medicine

Food is medicine. What you eat matters. Your food informs your body, your thoughts, your well-being. 

Research abounds when it comes to the healing aspects of food. There are numerous studies validating traditional remedies, nutritional and healing aspects of a whole foods diet as well as those suggesting that the standard American Diet is the basis of our chronic health issues. So, we incorporate food into everything we do.

Food is Love, so eat real food, mostly plants and not too much. Here are some basic principles around eating.

  1. Eat to your genetics.Your body knows what it needs, if you will just listen to it, it will tell you! You don’t have to be strict about it. Following Michael Pollen’s basic advice of Eat real food, mostly plants, not too much, you will do pretty well staying in tune with your genetics. Decrease or eliminate refined foods, especially sugar, from your diet.
  2. Eat mindfully. Take 5 deep breaths before you eat anything. This slows you down and helps you notice what you are eating and if you really want or need it. It also enhances digestion. 
  3. Use food over supplements. Sometimes you need supplements, especially when the body needs healing. A daily whole foods multivitamin along with fish oils are the most commonly used long term supplements. Try to get your nutrients from your diet.
  4. You are biochemically unique. Your body has different needs at different times in your life. You may need more of one nutrient than another and I may need 4x the amount of magnesium that you need. You may not do well eating gluten, dairy, soy or some other foods. Pay attention to your body. Be open to trying new foods and eliminating others for periods of time or for good. Think of it as an adventure! Experiment!
  5. Reduce stress. Good quality food is just one part of a joyful life. No matter how good the nutrition is, if the body is stressed, full digestion and absorption won’t happen. Be sure you have a foundation of daily moderate movement and meditation as part of your self care program.

We offer several different food plans to suit your nutritional needs.  Consult with us to see what is right for you.