Group Coaching

Group coaching

  • WIN . WIN . WIN! 
  • Find your HAPPY! 
  • Gain momentum from others
  • Increase your commitment towards a goal
  • Find community support
  • Meet new people
  • Learn from others’ experiences–It’s not just you…
  • Expand your knowledge – some people naturally ask more questions than others, so you benefit from those questions.
  • The power of the group, it’s profound in coaching.

Group coaching is fun, engaging, informative, supportive and inspirational! Join us Today!

How It Works

Enroll in one of our online courses. Weekly group coaching is part of the program. Meetings are held in a secure, private zoom conference room. 

Community & Support
Unlimited email contact with coaches for quick questions. You will have unlimited private Facebook communication with your classmates.

See calendar for upcoming classes