If the truth be told, many of us devalue ourselves. We don’t realize how truly important we are in this world. Self esteem is how you think and feel about yourself. It reflects your overall subjective emotional evaluation of your own worth. With that in mind, how can you increase your self esteem? How can you see your true gifts, your talents and really begin using them?

One way in through journaling. Not keeping a diary, but writing. Start by debriefing yourself. Go through your day from beginning to end by writing reflections of your day.
Writing allows you to express personal feelings and thoughts without feeling threatened by external forces. As you sort through your day, make note of how you felt (your emotions) during the event you are writing about. Once you have completed the day, look over your notes and notice what you did well. Highlight it. And where you can make improvement. Think about what you will do differently the next time a similar situation arises. Doing this will help you see your strengths, what you do well. It also allows you a safe place to notice where you need improvement.

Taking the time to do this, about 20 mins a day, has significant benefits:
IMPROVES SLEEP- processing the day, clears the mind
Decreases stress-
Shows your STRENGTHS
Calms your mind
Helps you maintain focus, concentration on your goals/dreams
Builds relationships
Shows your VALUE
Increases your confidence
Shows you where things are not working and where they are working

So, if you want to increase your self esteem and significantly improve your life, begin with a simple 20 min debriefing technique. If you’ve had a particularly difficult day at work, getting out the intense angst while at work may be helpful. But do not let it replace your inward and personal self reflection.

Keep up the amazing self growth. Please share your thoughts and experiences with debriefing in the facebook group. I really want to know how it’s working for you.

Here’s to your health & wellbeing!