What I Do

I help you connect to and deepen the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your wellbeing, so you can grow confidently into your full potential because…




Are you ready to see things differently? The Mind-Body Experience:  helps you — Slow down, get in touch with how you feel, right here, right now. express it freely, safely without regret. You’ll develop the courage to truly feel, to face the scary stuff,  let it move through you so you can really experience the pure JOY that awaits you on the other side.  Learn to: 

Honor your pain & your brilliance

Open your heart

Connect to your emotions, feel the pain, let it go…

Let The JOY Come In!

The Mind-Body Experience comes in the form of classes, retreats, workshops, coaching and Pure BioEnergy.

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What People Are Saying About

Coaching Insight

“Bronwyn Has Changed My Life For The Better…”

I’ve had anxiety most of my life. It was helpful to know others suffer from the same issues that I have. The small group format was helpful for me, participating was easy. Everyone was so accepting. I found trying new ways to treat my anxiety helpful, even exciting. I now use shaking and dancing meditation regularly. I also found journaling really helps my monkey mind. Using meditation and the questions Bronwyn provided, has helped me see “why” I react the way I do. It has really help me change my behavior.

“The Coach I Never Knew I Needed…”

Working with Bronwyn has transformed my life! She is the coach I never knew I needed. Her calm demeanor, wisdom and insight supported me in my time of extreme anxiety. She guided me to find time in my day yet I still completed all my projects, on time and with more creativity! I now use meditation daily, have a healthier diet, find time to exercise and love my work.

“After Years Of Depression, I Finally Feel Normal!”

For as long as I can remember, medical “experts” had told me I was depressed, I needed medication to get better. But after taking Bronwyn’s Mind-Body class, I have a greater awareness of how all my different emotions affect me physically and mentally. I know what techniques to use to feel better. I now have coping skills!