How Coaching Can Help You


because YOU MATTER!

Is Coaching Right For You?
Hi! I’m Bronwyn Radcliffe.  I am certified as a functional medicine health and wellness coach, a certified instructor for the Center for Mind-body medicine in Washington, D. C., and a family nurse practitioner.  I coach because, I love helping you make your life better!

I came to coaching because it’s about wellness.  It offers possibilities over pathology, it promotes Insight and integration and it creates a safe environment where you can see yourself more clearly.  Coaching is distinguished from therapy, consulting and teaching by 3 interconnecting principals:

1. You are the expert in your life
2. You are responsible for your choices
3. The focus is on desired outcomes

When you are not moving in the direction of your dreams or your purpose, you feel tight, constricted or dis-eased.  When you are in alignment with your true nature, that dis-ease dissipates and over time goes away. You feel more energetic and alive.  I know this, because I have been there!

Where is the focus in your life?  Look around you and you will know.

Where would you like the focus of your life to be?

How Can Coaching Help You?
Coaching isn’t just for athletes, it’s for anyone who wants a better life, to be successful in their own terms.  At Coaching Insight, we’ve helped many develop insight and reach their goals.  Read on to see how coaching can help you.

1. Coaching will help you identify what’s important in your life. Together we will identify your values and goals and help you develop direction. Having direction will accelerate your success.

2. Coaching will help you reach your potential.  As coaches we help you get serious about your goals, motivating you to “step it up”.

3. Coaching helps keep you focused.  Defining specific goals and creating a plan with little steps and mini goals will decrease the sense of overwhelm, making it easier to stay focused and get to that end goal.

4. A coach makes you accountable. Gently sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear, “You can do it, Take the next step”, your coach will help overcome your obstacles so you can stay on tract.

5. Coaching saves you time and unnecessary stress.  Having someone to help you figure out all the steps, you save valuable time and stress.  A coach will help you move from point A to point B, so you get there faster.

6. Coaching increases your confidence.  A coach can help you see what you have already accomplished, what is working for you… a coach helps you maintain focus on positivity, gratitude, potential, values and the DREAM!  This keeps you motivated.

7. Coaching helps you train your brain.  Athletes do it, and so can you.  Your brain is full of neural pathways that are really just learned patterns.  If bad habits are learned, they can be unlearned.  There is research to show it can be done!  MBM is a great way to retrain your brain, helping you create habits you want and eliminate the ones you don’t want.

8. Coaching helps you understand yourself better and identify blind spots.  A coach offers an outsider’s perspective and can help you see blocks or blind spots that keep you stuck.  A coach will help you analyze your strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement while helping you see what is working in your life.  As you understand yourself better, you can work on becoming who you want to be and achieve the success you deserve and desire.

9. Coaching can help you improve your leadership skills.  Working with a coach you will become a better listener and learn to ask more powerful questions.  You can apply your new skills to all areas of your life.

10. Coaching will boost your overall well-being.  As you understand yourself better, learn skills to sustain change, focus on what’s really important, see progress toward your goals, learn listening skills and improve your time management … you turn down the stress response, decreasing blood pressure, blood sugar, cortisol, cholesterol, and inflammation … you turn up the relaxation response, so you rest and digest better, you work smarter, your relationships improve, you sleep better, your immune system works better, you feel supported, happier.  AND When you feel happier and less stressed so does everyone around you.  Your life will change for the better!

Now do you see why I love coaching so much?  It’s rewarding and inspiring for me to see you go from who you thought you were to who you knew you could be!


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What People Are Saying About Coaching Insight

“Bronwyn Has Changed My Life For The Better…”

I’ve had anxiety most of my life. It was helpful to know others suffer from the same issues that I have. The small group format was helpful for me, participating was easy. Everyone was so accepting. I found trying new ways to treat my anxiety helpful, even exciting. I now use shaking and dancing meditation regularly. I also found journaling really helps my monkey mind. Using meditation and the questions Bronwyn provided, has helped me see “why” I react the way I do. It has really help me change my behavior.

“The Coach I Never Knew I Needed…”

Working with Bronwyn has transformed my life! She is the coach I never knew I needed. Her calm demeanor, wisdom and insight supported me in my time of extreme anxiety. She guided me to find time in my day yet I still completed all my projects, on time and with more creativity! I now use meditation daily, have a healthier diet, find time to exercise and love my work.

“After Years Of Depression, I Finally Feel Normal!”

For as long as I can remember, medical “experts” had told me I was depressed, I needed medication to get better. But after taking Bronwyn’s Mind-Body class, I have a greater awareness of how all my different emotions affect me physically and mentally. I know what techniques to use to feel better. I now have coping skills!