Pay It Forward

It’s my mission to help as many people as possible rebuild their health, reclaim their power, and create extraordinary lives for themselves and their families. I found clarity and real healing with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. Teaching these techniques to others not only heals them it brings me new clarity every time I teach it!  Dr Jim Gordon and his team travel the world to teach Mind-Body Medicine whenever disaster occurs. I donate a portion of my proceeds to The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. I consider it a privilege  to participate in their programs. I thank you for visiting this page. Please consider how powerful the simple act of paying it forward can be for you and families who need community support. 
The Center for Mind-Body Medicine creates communities of hope and healing. We have the world’s largest, most effective evidence-based program for healing population-wide psychological trauma and stress. We bring together a variety of techniques drawn from the world’s healing traditions as well as modern medicine to help whole populations learn to heal themselves.