Grow Confidently Into Your Full Potential

I help women connect to and deepen the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of their wellbeing, so they can grow confidently into their full potential.

 Here’s how coaching can help you: 

In coaching, you are  the expert in your life, you are responsible for your choices and the focus in coaching is on desired outcomes. 

When you are not moving in the direction of your dreams or your purpose, you feel tight, constricted or dis-eased.  When you are in alignment with your true nature, that dis-ease dissipates and over time goes away. You feel more energetic and alive.  I know this, because I have been there!

Coaching will help you identify what’s important in your life, help you reach your potential, help you stay focused, keep you accountable, save you time and unnecessary stress, increase your confidence, train your brain, help you better understand yourself, help you develop leadership skills and improve your relationships. 

 When you start working on your life – growing, developing, and improving yourself…you’ll begin to see the intricate connections of your life. Meet your goals… see your health, relationships and life improve. Life will become easier, and you will grasp the meaning and purpose of yourself and your life. It’s fun, engaging and exciting to explore the potential of yourself and your life.

How It Works

I offer        – a monthly fee of $100 for unlimited coaching and energy work. One year contract minimum.

                       – 10 session coaching package  over 12 weeks

                      – 6 session package over 8 weeks 

                      – a one time coach session for overview of your health with recommendations

Your Initial visit is: In-depth, 60-minute intake visit with your coach.

Follow Ups
Subsequent coaching sessions are 45-55 mins, in addition to email communication as needed.

Community & Support
Unlimited email contact with coaches for quick questions.

Find Clarity of Purpose and Dive into a life full of Energy, Passion and Joy!