Private Coaching


We help service professionals find clarity of passion and purpose so they can create balance in their lives.


Are you exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed? Do you need clarity of your purpose, your passion? 

Would you like to gain more control over your well-being, relate to your stress in a healthy manner and see yourself and your work positively?

We help you identify your values

Your character strengths

Your goals, needs, desires…

We incorporate lots of self inquiry, positive psychology and various types of meditation to support you as you see with clarity your purpose, and create the life balance that works for you.  

We focus on the whole.  Whatever you are going through is connected physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

When you start working on your life – growing, developing, and improving yourself…you’ll begin to see the intricate connections of your life. Meet your goals… see your health, relationships and life improve. Life will become easier, and you will grasp the meaning and purpose of yourself and your life. It’s fun, engaging and exciting to explore the potential of yourself and your life.

How It Works

We offer individual coaching packages: 6 & 10 weeks. We have a one time coach session for those who want an overview of their health with recommendations. And, we also offer online group coaching classes.

Discovery Consultation
In-depth 60-minute intake visit with your coach.

Follow Ups
Subsequent coaching sessions are approximately 45 mins, in addition to email communication as needed.

Community & Support
Unlimited email contact with coaches for quick questions.

As coaches, we guide, support, and teach. We give you what you need to make the best decisions for you.

Find Clarity of Purpose and Dive into a life full of Energy, Passion and Joy!