Do you allow for relaxation in your day? Do you have a meditation or prayer practice? Do you ever stop during the day and just sit down, without any purpose? If you answered NO to these questions then keep reading!

Your mind cannot focus or rest if its constantly doing 10 things at once. (Multitasking is a myth, some other blog some other day.) If you don’t let it rest, it cannot calm down. This sets you up for anxiety and depression. You DO have control over your mind.

Relaxation is, well, its taking time to be still, to allow tension to dissipate from the mind and body. There are lots of ways to relax. My favorite is to just lay on the ground watching the clouds morph and daydream or maybe its to take a hike in the woods. I don’t mean the fast, get it done for exercise hike, I mean the meander in the woods, catching toads, watching butterflies flit from here to there, talking to the trees, following my nose and listening as the creek tells me the current events. Relaxation may look different for you than for me, but the common theme here is disengaging from worry, processing, problem solving, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual work. Its just doing NOTHING! When was the last time you did nothing?

I’ll admit, its really hard to do nothing. Sometimes my husband shuts down my computer, takes me by the hand and leads me outside to the garden where he directs me to my favorite lawn chair. I sit down, let the sun warm my body, tilt my face to the sky and just breathe…and usually fall asleep within minutes…

Why should you relax? There are so many reasons, health, wellbeing, so others can love you better, it calms your toddler, models good behavior for others, so your dog thinks your a good human….
Slows heart rate
Lowers blood pressure
Slows your breathing rate
Improves digestion
Maintain normal blood sugar levels
Reduces activity of stress hormones
Increases blood flow to major muscles
Reduces muscle tension and chronic pain

So, try it. You just might like it. And, if you relax regularly, you will find you are:
more creative
sleep better
relationships will improve
able to listen/hear better
you’ll develop a sense of humor
And I am certain there are many other untold benefits to be found in relaxation. So try it everyday, for 20-30 minutes, for at least 3 months. Then send me an email or post on FB what happened in your life!

Here’s to your health & wellbeing!