No man is an island and no success story is a one man or woman show. Even person who is successful, had help, love and support along the way. Tremendous resources exist all around you. Once you decide to ask for, and are willing to receive help, the doors will begin to open.

A team is incredibly important as you walk along your path. The fallacy of the “self-made man” is just that—because everyone is influenced directly and indirectly by scores of people. Who has influenced you in your life. What lessons have you learned along the way, that led you to where you are today? Let’s look at a list of those involved:

Parents: birth parents or adopted parents, they had the greatest influence on your life. Imprinting, occurs in the first 5-7 years of life, and is a process of absorbed, unaware, and integrated learning. Our parents, siblings, neighbors, community, religion, culture, and more impact our life, our belief systems. It all begins in these early years. Feelings of love and security are established early.

Teachers: chances are there is a teacher who has made an impression on you that you remember to this day. Positive or negative, there are teachers in our lives who have the power to mold us and shape us. Sometimes we choose paths in response to a negative example a teacher has left us; more often than not, we choose paths that are due to the positive influence they’ve left in our lives.

Friends: the happiest and most successful people tend to have a wide range of friends from different walks of life. They encourage us, lift us up, and are part of an inextricable support system in our lives. We laugh and cry with them, they love us no matter what happens.

Mentors: smart people who truly desire success find mentors that will walk with them as they traverse their road. Mentors can point out pitfalls and potholes in the road that we might otherwise miss, and their experience and willingness to teach us is an invaluable gift.

Coaches: You may not have thought of this one yet, but there are coaches for all walks of life; sports, business, health, birthing, and life. Coaches help us see where we have been, help us get real about what we want and help us create a path to get there. Coaches keep us focused on the end point while guiding us through the winding road to getting there.

Spiritual Leaders: ministers, priests, rabbis, pastors, etc., are in an amazing position to contribute positively and significantly in your life. Their ability to see past the circumstances and share life and light is unparalleled. Having a spiritual leader doesn’t guarantee that you’ll never feel despair, but it does guarantee that you won’t have to go through the dark times alone.

You’ve had many influences along the way. Now, who is on your team? Who is helping you meet your goals? Your team may consist of people you admire (in your field), others who’ve had success in your area, a partner, close friend, trusted banker, etc. If you don’t have a team yet, start building it now. Look for people who you admire and whom you think could support you. It’s a lot more fun when others are involved!
And remember, just as you have a team to assist your work towards success, you can be a part of someone else’s team. Be a friend to someone who is just starting out on the road to success—encourage them, mentor them (if appropriate), and commit to be there for them when they need you. As you engage with another to offer your skills, you will gain as much if not more than you give.

Here’s to your health & wellbeing