“There are many ways to in which we come to healing. Eventually, any externally imposed guidelines for how to become well must be consistent with your own inner guidance system. You must learn to support yourself through self-respect, not though restrictive regimens filled with should and oughts that feel punitive.” (Christiane Northrup, MD)

What brought you here today? What happened in your life to send you searching for healing? What in you needs healing? Something triggered you whether it was a traumatic event, depression, physical illness, a recent move, job change, divorce, empty nest, meeting someone who is different, or just feeling like there is more to this life…something sent you… looking for more.

How is your healing coming along? What has helped you so far? What things have you tried that give you the emotional, mental or physical relief you are looking for?

As you ponder that, consider ‘What are you really looking for’? Have you tapped into your own inner wisdom, your guidance system?

The fact that you need healing, means you are off course. When you signed up for this rotation on the planet, you also set goals for yourself. You decided you wanted to learn this and that and in so doing you set up events that would trigger your learning exactly what you came here to learn. It may seem crazy to you now, but you did.
well, you say, I did not sign myself up for cancer or abuse or mental health issues or paraplegia…but you really did. These events are teaching you something. They are teaching what you said you wanted to learn. You can learn it the hard way or you can learn it the easy way. The hard way is purely through the physical; the traumas and dramas of life. The easy way will still involve the physical, but with meditation, listening the to the inner wisdom of the mind, body and spirit, it may not be as harsh.

All illness, dis ease comes to us over several layers. There is an intuitive knowing and if you listen each day, you can hear it before it moves into the emotional body. But if you aren’t listening, because nothing seems wrong, then you will feel it. It’s emotional. Its important to check in with yourself several times a day by asking yourself “How do I feel right now?”. And take the time to listen for or feel the answer.

If you ignore the hearing and the emotional, then whatever needs your attention will
move into the mental body. Here it starts to really get under your skin. It makes you uncomfortable, really uncomfortable. If you ignore it, it settles into your body, it becomes internalized, no longer letting you completely ignore it. And, if you are really unconscious, really not aware of yourself, then it becomes physical. And that is when you start looking for help.

You become frustrated because your doctor can’t really help you. You received medication but you aren’t really better. The gallbladder was removed, but you still have right sided abdominal pain…

And this is why you need a wholistic approach. The doctor can help with the physical, but the problem is so much more than just physical. So, how to do you deal with the rest of it? You already know ignoring it doesn’t help.

Meditation is the best place to start. Daily meditation will bring you to a place of awareness, which will bring you to a place of self care and that will bring you to healing. It may take hours, days, months, and most likely years, but the healing will happen. As you develop awareness you find your inner wisdom, your guidance system. It is here, in your heart, in your higher intuitive consciousness where the healing happens. You are the expert in your life. You are the only one who knows exactly what you need and how to heal yourself.

You can learn meditation on your own, with a teach, in a group…

You may also need or want to change what you eat. You may find, as you begin really listening to your body that it has needs too.

You may also need some regular exercise. Exercise comes in many forms, strenuous and moderate, easy. The right one for you is the one you like and will do regularly.

You may need counseling, if you have suffered with abuse of any kind.

You may need coaching; someone who can guide you, support you and help you sort out what is best for you, at this time in your life.

But know, whatever path you take, its the one you need right now to learn what you came here to learn.

Here’s to your health & wellbeing!