As humans, we are creatures of habit. While too much excitement can be stressful, habit is comforting and comfortable. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but you can get you stuck in a rut, so settled into your routine that all passion and imagination has drained out of your life. And that leads to a boring, predictable flow of life. When things are dull, so are we. Creating more excitement in your life takes a bit of energy but ultimately its worth your time.

So, how do you create a more exciting life?
Let’s start simply. Look around you. Create space in your life, whether its physical or mental space, see what you can give up, let go of, delegate, or eliminate. There are lots of little things we fill our time with, to avoid having “free” time where the imagination can take over. Start stretching yourself and your

Shake up your routine. Drive a different way to work. Eat out on a weeknight, eat something different for breakfast, do your morning walk in the reverse direction. Sleep outside on the weekend. Eat outside. Be spontaneous in small ways.

Meet someone new. Find an opportunity to meet someone new. Is there a new person in the neighborhood? Speak to someone at the gym or at work who looks interesting to you. Break the barrier by meeting someone who is not of your race or age group.

Random Acts of Kindness. Visit an elderly neighbor and take flowers or dinner. Do something nice for another, especially if they don’t expect it.

Learn something new. Learn a language and study its culture. Then plan a trip to go there so you can use your newfound knowledge. Take a class. Learn a new skill. This will increase your self esteem, help you meet new people and expand your mind and consciousness.

Shake up your sex life. Try a new position. Make love in a different room. Try early morning or midday. Arrange a secret rendezvous. Go on a picnic.

Get out of the house. Go to a museum, especially if this is not your normal thing. See a movie, a kids movie! Try ethnic food.

Just do it. Don’t wait to try something, to initiate, to take action. Stop playing it safe or looking for someone else to take the lead. Be a creative creator of your life. You can make it as exciting and thrilling as you wish.

And finally, Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? Is there a dream sitting in your mind that needs your attention? Then get moving on it. The time will never be right until you decide to do it.

So, if you want a more exciting life, find small ways to jazz up your life by shifting your perspective — and changing some of your daily actions. Small changes can enliven you and provide a new and exciting outlook on life.

Here’s to your health & wellbeing!