Emotions. Yeah, you can’t escape them because whenever you try, they just hang on longer. Emotions are universal. Everyone has them. We live on a planet of duality so where there is contentment, there is sadness. Where there is joy there is anger and where there is serenity there is chaos. Emotions help us stay connected to our humanity. They are the messy, sweaty, fun, interactive components of being a whole human! Let’s learn to respect and embrace them.

Sadness is defined as emotional pain associated with or characterized by feelings of loss, despair, grief, disappointment or sorrow. Sadness can make us melancholy, woeful and gloomy. Yuck, that doesn’t sound good. However, sadness, as with all emotions, has a place in our whole humanness.

Sadness gives us pause for reflection. Rather than running away from the sadness, trying everything you can think of to get you out of the funk you are in, stop, notice, reflect and embrace.

Noticing that you are sad, means slowing down to see what created the sadness. How do you react when you are sad? What does it feel like? What precipitated the sadness? Loss of some kind: death, job change, marriage, divorce, moving, injury, lifestyle change, etc. What does it feel like? Can you describe it? Where in your body do you feel the sadness? Sadness can reside anywhere in the body, though most often it inhabits the lungs and heart.

Reflect on your sadness. When did it show up? How long have you been avoiding it? What have you learned from it? Can you sit with the sadness, focusing on your body where its located and really, really feel it?

Embrace your sadness! Yes, I mean really, really feel it and then get super snuggly with it. Let all of it pour forth. Weep, wallow and really run headlong into the darkness of your sorrow. Feel it fully and just about the time you think you’ve been pulled in too far to get out… about 90 seconds into this process (maybe 3 minutes if you’ve held on really long), it will begin to lift and then if you let it, it will move up and out of your body and the Universe will transmute it. It will be gone. GONE. The tendency here is to get into the depth of your sadness and pull out too soon thinking you’ll get sucked in and never come out. Please resist the desire to get out too soon.

You survived it! Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? Sadness wanted you to feel your beautiful, messy, gloriously emotional self and embrace your whole humanness. Your emotions are a part of who you are. Its not only OK, its HEALTHY to have emotions. Embrace them when they show up. Honor them for being your teacher. You just may find life feels much more alive and so do you!

To your health and wellbeing.